Fastest Growing Bamboo For Privacy

During our research on Bamboo and its cultivation in Tasmania, recommendations strongly advocated for growing predominantly Bambusa textilis Gracils, a species known for its cold climate adaptability.

Alongside, a small number of other species, resilient to colder temperatures, were suggested.

We were also advised to include Phyllostachys Nigra, the sole cold-resistant Black Bamboo.

However, considering the invasive nature of Phyllostachys Bamboo as runners, which have been prohibited as weeds in various mainland areas, we made a firm decision not to contribute to potential future problems arising from running Bamboo.

While we embraced the suggestion for Gracilis, we politely declined to grow Nigra.

After engaging in Bamboo cultivation and trade in Tasmania for four years, it became evident that the council regarding Gracilis Bamboo was well-founded.

Gracilis Bamboo has notably gained popularity here, for numerous valid reasons.

If you’re contemplating Bamboo for a fast-growing green screen or as a garden highlight, here are compelling points to ponder as to why you might consider this remarkable plant.

The elegance of tidy, erect bamboo serves as an outstanding scenic barrier, showcasing sleek, orderly stems adorned with lush green foliage.


fastest growing bamboo for privacy
Discover the fastest-growing bamboo for privacy screens. Explore how bamboo Gracilis (Slender Weavers) rapidly creates lush, green barriers and learn about its ideal growing conditions/PHOTO COURTESY


What makes Gracilis Bamboo so appealing compared to other varieties among the staggering 1500 types available?

Firstly, Gracilis distinguishes itself as a clumping bamboo, categorized as non-invasive.

Unlike the running bamboo varieties notorious for their unchecked spread, Gracilis grows in compact clumps, curbing any wild expansion and contributing to a positive reputation for bamboo in general.

Also known as Slender Weaver or Slender Weaver Bamboo, Gracilis boasts its preeminence for privacy, and here’s why:

1. Flourishing where many plants struggle, this non-invasive bamboo occupies a slender 50cm bed, a stark contrast to the notorious runner bamboo.
2. Its vertical growth habit ensures minimal space consumption in your garden while delivering exceptional privacy.
3. Within just 18 months, these slender weavers offer superb shielding from neighbors or can mask unsightly views, especially when planted in our well-rooted 200mm pots.
4. Resilient Gracilis withstands frigid temperatures down to -12 degrees and remains robust against pests and diseases.
5. Beyond privacy, it functions as a windbreak, sound barrier, and erosion controller.
6. Under varied conditions, it can reach a towering height of 6 meters, with growth controllable for diameter and stature.
7. Forming an extraordinarily dense hedge, Gracilis remains compact and visually pleasing year-round, adding ornamental charm to your landscape.
8. During the growing season (October-April), it prolifically produces new shoots.
9. Seeking a 30% boost in oxygen alongside your privacy screen? Gracilis Bamboo delivers. Seeking a bit of shelter in your warm suburban garden? This privacy bamboo variety offers that and more.

While the benefits of the privacy bamboo, specifically the non-invasive Slender Weavers, extend further, these compelling arguments ought to dispel any misconceptions held by even the staunchest bamboo skeptics.


The characteristics of this species include its straight, slender, and sturdy nature, forming a dense clump of beautiful bamboo.

This variety is particularly adept at providing shade. Planted at a 1-meter interval, it creates a continuous and thick ‘bamboo wall’ within three years.

Alternatively, when spaced further apart (such as 1.5 or 2 meters between plants), it establishes a broad shade screen, with distinctive individual clumps at the base while forming a complete canopy at the top.

To prevent growth under a fence, it’s advisable to plant them at a minimum distance of 0.5 meters from it, unless using a root barrier.

The size of these plants can significantly vary based on the environment. If planted closely together or in less favorable conditions, their growth may typically cap at 6 meters.

Determining the optimal spacing between plants lacks a precise rule; it hinges largely on your desired aesthetics and budget.

For more extensive beds, a 1-meter gap is often suggested if you aim for cohesive clump growth at the base.

Opting for wider spacing (1.5 or 2 meters) maintains full coverage at the top but results in visible gaps between the clumps at ground level.

In very narrow garden beds, bamboo growth tends to be slower due to limited root space.

To achieve uniform ground coverage, planting at intervals between 0.5 and 1 meter is recommended.

Closer plantings lead to quicker full coverage as the clumps grow nearer.

Hence, the choice lies in budget constraints and patience to achieve desired results.

20 Benefits of planting slender weaver bamboo (gracilis)

Quickly banishing unsightly views, whether it’s a Telstra Tower or a color-bond fence, is a forte of this bamboo.

Its air-purifying prowess surpasses other plants by up to 3 times, delivering a remarkable 35% more oxygen.

In the scorching summer heat, this natural marvel can reduce your garden’s temperature by up to 8 degrees—a veritable outdoor air-conditioner.

It’s adaptable to pots, troughs, or garden beds, albeit needing a tad more care in containers.

Thriving even in narrow spaces, Slender Weavers can grow in a compact 50cm area, scaling heights of 5 meters or more.

Forming a beautiful and natural privacy screen, it offers an evergreen living fence, unmatched by conventional materials.

Gracilis Bamboo adds a stunning touch when illuminated, enhancing driveways, walkways, or pool surroundings.

It’s the fastest-growing land plant, providing privacy within 18 months if nurtured well in ideal conditions.

Maintaining tight clumps at the base, it grows to a diameter of 1-1.5 meters, manageable with certain techniques.

With a shallow, non-invasive root system reaching around 30-40cm deep, it shields effectively, especially against prying eyes from two-story windows.

This elegant bamboo seamlessly integrates into any garden, complementing diverse styles, including native landscapes.

While not the top choice for edible shoots, Gracilis’ shoots are edible when properly cooked, serving as a sustainable food source.

Get free poles for tomato stakes from this resourceful plant, saving trips to hardware stores.

An ideal choice for hedging or screening, it maintains a trimmed height once a culm is cut (topped).

It excels as a windbreak and noise barrier, muffling disturbances from bustling streets or noisy neighbors.

Once established, it exhibits drought tolerance while promoting soil stability and preventing erosion.

Gracilis Bamboo stands out as the supreme choice for screening, unmatched in its rapid screen-forming ability among plants.

How Fast Will My Gracilis Bamboo Grow

Bamboo Gracilis, also known as Slender Weavers, thrives in various conditions and adapts rapidly to most environments.

Even when planted in a confined space along a fence receiving only a few hours of sunlight daily, it outpaces other plants in reaching an impressive height.

For those seeking a swiftly growing Gracilis privacy screen or hedge, planting in spring and dedicating 90 percent of your effort to soil preparation is crucial.

Optimal growth is encouraged by choosing a full sun location, employing a slow-release fertilizer rich in nitrogen, diligent irrigation, and thorough mulching.

Maintaining Your Gracilis Bamboo Screening Plants

Pruning your bamboo screen annually to reach your desired height is typically sufficient, although you can trim it at any point during the year if necessary.

However, the end of winter is often the preferred time for this task.

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We’re excited to introduce you to the wonders of this incredible plant.

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