Fastest Selling Cars of the Year: A Comprehensive Review

 Fastest Selling Cars of the Year: A Comprehensive Review

Sellers are in luck, but buyers might face challenges as used cars are selling faster than ever, a recent study reveals.

On average, a used car now sells in about 49 days, marking a 6.1% increase in speed compared to last year.

According to Executive Analyst Karl Brauer, “The new car average time-to-sale is down by more than 25 percent even as used cars sell 6.1 percent faster.

This shows buyers continue seeking value in the used car market – despite a wide range of new car options.

An Image of the fastest selling cars
An Image of the fastest selling cars/photo courtesy: Facebook


Used Cars Selling the Fastest in 2023

Here’s a table showing the top 20 fastest-selling used cars according to the study, along with their average days on the market and average prices:

Model Avg. Days on Market Avg. Price
Honda HR-V 34.4 $24,496
Acura ILX 35.3 $26,091
Toyota Highlander Hybrid 36.6 $42,119
Acura RDX 36.8 $35,864
Hyundai Venue 38.0 $19,764
Honda Insight 38.3 $24,567
Honda CR-V 38.5 $28,660
Honda Civic 38.8 $24,619
Toyota C-HR 38.9 $23,462
Toyota Sienna (hybrid) 39.1 $44,233
Toyota Tundra 39.1 $45,110
GMC Yukon 39.4 $56,637
Kia Telluride 39.7 $39,838
Acura TLX 39.8 $32,380
Honda Pilot 39.9 $34,749
Chevrolet Corvette 39.9 $82,574
Acura MDX 40.4 $38,279
Honda Accord 40.5 $26,816
Cadillac Escalade ESV 40.5 $66,331
Toyota 4Runner 40.7 $40,851

A notable trend is that, apart from the Toyota Highlander Hybrid and the Acura RDX, the top half consists of cars priced at $26,000 and below.

What is the fastest-selling car right now?

New to the market and already scorching hot, The Toyota Grand Highlander Hybrid claims the title of the fastest-selling new model, with an astonishingly low average of just 9.2 days spent on the lot.

What car sold the most in a year?

The Toyota Corolla holds the prestigious title of the best-selling car model globally, with over 50 million units sold across 12 generations since its inception in 1966.

In 2022 alone, it continued its dominance by topping 1.12 million sales worldwide.

What is the best-selling Toyota?

The Toyota Tacoma, Corolla, Highlander, Camry, and RAV4 stand out as the top-selling models from Toyota.

This diverse lineup includes two cars, two SUVs, and a pickup truck, all of which have consistently ranked among Toyota’s best-selling vehicles and featured prominently on the overall list of vehicles sold in North America in 2022.

But what sets these models apart and makes them so popular?

What is the world’s cheapest car?

The Tata Nano holds the title of the world’s cheapest car.

Designed by Tata Motors, the Nano was created to provide an affordable vehicle option for families in India.

The first Nano was priced at just 100,000 rupees, which was slightly over $1,400 at the time.

Which car is the best sale in the world?

In 2022, the Toyota Corolla secured its position as the world’s best-selling car, with sales reaching 1.12 million units.

This data comes from Statista, a reputable provider of market and consumer data, and is based on new-car sales figures from 162 countries.


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