Fastest Toyota Car: Performance and Power Combined

The fastest Toyota car is the Toyota 2000GT with a speed of 135 MPH.

In the domain of automotive innovation, Toyota has long been associated with dependability and functionality.

Yet, within their extensive lineup, there are models that have stirred discussions and intrigued onlookers due to their unconventional aesthetics.

Within this category lies a distinct subset:

Toyotas that prioritize speed over conventional attractiveness.

These vehicles break the mold, pushing the limits of performance while flaunting designs that defy conventional standards of beauty.

This piece explores the captivating intersection of high-speed performance and distinctive design, shining a spotlight on a Toyota that embodies both rapidity and eccentricity.


Toyota 2000GT


This is iconic car reached speeds of 135 MPH.

The Toyota 2000GT stands out as an emblematic vehicle that established a new benchmark for Japanese sports cars.

Produced from 1967 to 1970, it represented a limited-production, front mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive sports car.

Showcasing Japan’s automotive prowess in crafting a vehicle capable of competing with European sports cars.

Serving as a flagship model for Toyota, the 2000GT captivated enthusiasts with its sleek design and impressive performance.

Solidifying its status as one of the most thrilling cars of its era.

Its legacy extends beyond speed, as it played a pivotal role in reshaping perceptions of Japan’s automotive industry.

Demonstrating its capacity to produce high-quality and desirable vehicles on par with European counterparts.

speed summary.

Speed Category Details
Top Speed Approximately 135 mph (217 km/h)
0-60 mph Around 10 seconds
Quarter Mile Time Approximately 16 seconds
Braking Distance (60-0 mph) Approximately 145 feet (44 meters)

Toyota 2000GT auction

The Toyota 2000GT, revered as a classic automotive icon, has left an indelible mark on the auction scene.

Notably, a 1967 model fetched a remarkable sum of $1,150,000 on June 27, 2022, through Bring a Trailer.

This substantial valuation can be attributed to the car’s rarity, historical significance, and its pivotal role in establishing the global reputation of Japanese sports cars.

A Toyota-Shelby 2000GT achieved a record-breaking sale price of $2,535,000 at Gooding & Company’s Amelia Island auction on March 5, 2022.

Setting a new benchmark as the highest-priced Japanese car ever sold at auction.

These notable transactions underscore the unwavering demand for the 2000GT among collectors and enthusiasts.

With individuals willing to pay premium prices for impeccably preserved examples of this trailblazing vehicle.

Toyota 2000GT design

The design of the Toyota 2000GT is celebrated as a hallmark of the classic sports car era of the 1960s, often hailed as a masterpiece of automotive design.
Its sleek contours and refined bodywork draw inspiration from the Jaguar E-Type, showcasing an elegant aesthetic that captivated enthusiasts.
Boasting innovative features ahead of its time, such as pop-up headlights and expansive plexiglass-covered driving lights flanking the front grille, the 2000GT exuded sophistication and modernity.
Not only did its design set it apart from competitors, but it also positioned Toyota as a formidable player in the global sports car market.
Its enduring allure is evident in its esteemed status as a prized collectible and an iconic model in automotive history.

Toyota 2000GT value

Over time, the value of the Toyota 2000GT has experienced a remarkable appreciation.

Underscoring its status as both a prized possession for collectors and a significant artifact in automotive history.

For example, a 1967 Toyota 2000GT fetched a substantial sum of $1.2 million at an auction in 20131.

More recently, another 2000GT made headlines by setting a new record, commanding an impressive $2.535 million at Gooding & Company’s Amelia Island auction.

Establishing it as the most expensive Japanese car ever sold at auction.

These staggering figures underscore the immense allure of the 2000GT among collectors and enthusiasts, solidifying its reputation as Japan’s inaugural supercar.

Toyota 2000GT records

The Toyota 2000GT has etched its name in the annals of automotive history by setting numerous records, notably during a high-profile endurance trial in 1966.

 Achievements associated with the 2000GT:

Speed and Endurance Records: In October 1966, at Japan’s Yatabe test circuit, the Toyota 2000GT shattered thirteen speed and endurance records,.

Showcasing its exceptional performance capabilities.


Land Speed and Endurance Records: During a rigorous 72-hour endurance test, the 2000GT achieved an impressive sixteen land speed and endurance records.

With drivers maintaining an average speed exceeding 200 km/h2.


Auction Record: A Toyota 2000GT made history by becoming the most expensive Japanese car ever sold at auction, commanding a staggering $2.535 million.

This feat solidifies its status as a highly sought-after and valuable classic car.

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