Fastest Crotch Rocket: Revolutionizing High-Speed Motorcycles

Fastest Crotch Rocket is MTT 420RR.

It stands out as the swiftest road-legal sportbike available in the United States.

This remarkable bike harnesses the power of a Rolls Royce turbine engine to achieve an impressive maximum speed of 270 mph.

Introduced in 2013, this cutting-edge motorcycle comes with a price tag of $125,000.

MTT boldly advertises on its website that the 420RR’s top speed surpasses what most riders would ever dare to attempt.

fastest crotch rocket

The Legacy of MTT

Marine Turbine Technologies (MTT) has a storied history of innovation.

Founded by Ted McIntyre, MTT has consistently challenged conventional motorcycle design.

Their commitment to pushing the envelope led to the creation of the 420RR, a bike that defies expectations.

Previous MTT models, such as the Y2K Turbine Superbike, set the stage for the 420RR.

These bikes weren’t just motorcycles; they were statements of audacity.

Riders who straddled an MTT knew they were about to experience something extraordinary.

The Birth of the 420RR

The 420RR wasn’t born in a conventional workshop.

It emerged from a collaboration that seemed improbable:

MTT teamed up with Rolls Royce, the iconic luxury car manufacturer.

A motorcycle powered by a Rolls Royce turbine engine a feat that would make any engineer’s heart race.

The 420RR’s design philosophy was simple: maximize speed without compromising stability.

The turbine engine, originally designed for aviation, found a new home in this two-wheeled rocket.

The integration wasn’t seamless; adapting a jet engine for motorcycle use required ingenuity and precision.

 Engineering Behind the Speed

Technical Specifications

Top Speed: The 420RR’s claim to fame is its top speed of 270 mph.

While there have been reports of it going anywhere from 240 mph to 270 mph, riders haven’t dared to push it beyond that for now.

Price Tag: For those who dare to own this beast, the price is a cool $125,000.

Turbine Power

The heart of the 420RR is its turbine engine.

Unlike traditional internal combustion engines, turbines don’t rely on pistons and cylinders.

Instead, they use a continuous flow of air to generate power.

The result? Instantaneous acceleration and a spine-tingling rush.

Aerodynamics and Chassis

The 420RR’s sleek design isn’t just for aesthetics. Every curve, every contour serves a purpose.

Wind-tunnel-tested aerodynamics keep the bike stable even at breakneck speeds.

The chassis, a blend of lightweight materials and rigidity, ensures precise handling.

The Riding Experience

The turbine engine roars to life, and suddenly, you’re hurtling forward.

The sensation of speed is intoxicating.

The bike’s stability surprises you it’s not a wild beast; it’s a controlled missile.

Corners become mere suggestions, and the horizon rushes toward you.

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The 420RR in the World of Superbikes


While other bikes focus on incremental improvements, the 420RR dares to redefine the limits.

It’s not just a competitor; it’s a disruptor.

Racing and Culture

In motorcycle racing, the 420RR has left its mark.

Riders who’ve tamed this beast share stories of adrenaline-fueled victories and heart-stopping close calls.

The 420RR isn’t just a machine; it’s a badge of honor.

The Future of High-Speed Motorcycles

As we contemplate the future, the 420RR prompts inquiries.

What lies ahead? Is there potential for greater speed? And if so, is it advisable? Environmental factors emerge as a significant consideration.

Vehicles powered by turbines are not renowned for their eco-friendliness.

Nevertheless, the 420RR might offer a glimpse into a forthcoming era where speed transcends limitations.

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